Hardware Repair Options

Detailed below are brief overviews of our repair programs. Each program option is designed to provide a solution that optimizes cost while recognizing that different areas of your operations may be more critical failure points – resulting in more serious and costly business interruption.

While we strive to provide the lowest cost we do not take a “one shoe fits all” approach and therefore customers will often select a blending of the available programs. A detailed discussion of your store operations will yield the most effective programs to meet your organization’s needs.

Time & Materials (T&M) Option

This may be an appropriate option for customers who have low volume and unpredictable requirements. Our “Time and Materials” service contract is based on currently hourly rates with no minimum charge plus the cost of parts and shipping. All equipment is shipped directly back to our repair facility in Greenville, SC. After prompt evaluation we provide you with an electronic estimate and estimated turnaround time. All repaired equipment is returned via previously agreed freight choice using our customized foam shipping containers that virtually eliminate “out of box” failures.

Flat Rate Repair Option

The “Flat Rate” repair service includes 100% parts and labor for a pre-set rate with a previously agreed turn around time. Simply send damaged units to our repair facility. Our repair department will contact you before repairing to discuss options such as cost of parts and labor. After repair by our certified technicians all equipment is subject to separate quality control procedures. All repaired equipment is returned via previously agreed freight choice using our customized foam shipping containers that virtually eliminate “out of box” failures. Cost will be determined based on product model and quantity.

Depot Maintenance Option

A Maintenance Agreement is typically purchased for a period of at least one year and covers all parts and labor used to repair the units covered by the contract. Maintenance Agreement premiums may be paid monthly, quarterly or annually, in advance. All equipment must be in good working condition prior to being placed on a AEI Maintenance Agreement. Shipping costs to AEI are the customers’ responsibility. AEI will pay to ship the equipment back to the customer via UPS-Ground or equivalent. Any other shipping method will be the responsibility of the customer. Normal turnaround time is 1 to 2 days excluding transit time. All units covered under our maintenance agreement come with free telephone support. Maintenance agreements must cover a minimum of 10 units. Portable Data Terminals under contract will have application software loaded at no additional charge. Read our maintenance agreement for full details and exclusions.

Under a maintenance agreement we maintain a pool of spare units – provided by the end user, by a 3rd party or by Asset Enterprises. At the request of the end user or 3rd party we dispatch an advance spare for immediate deployment. The defective unit is sent back to our Greenville, SC facility.

Each contract is tailored specifically for each customer and items such as pool size and cost will be determined accordingly.

Specialized Services:

From time to time, retailers approach us about working with them to provide additional solutions that are unique in scope. One example is that we can support products with a defined end of life period that manufacturers have either chosen to stop supporting, or have raised the price too high to discourage continued use. This provides a scalable end of life period. Another example is when manufacturers decide to stop providing parts for a particular piece of equipment, we will take multiple failed units and combine parts from them to restore them to operating condition. We will search for additional parts to continue this practice until these units are replaced with something newer.